We Concentrate on the High-Tech and Pharmaceutical Sectors

We engage in win-win patent transactions

We help companies buy, sell, and license patents.

We do not engage in adversarial patent assertion.

Please contact us in confidence to discuss your patent buying, selling, or licensing needs.

Our Services

P.J. Parker & Co. is the largest patent broker in North-East Asia.

We have over ten years’ experience in brokering the sale and licensing of patents. Our team has deep technological and scientific expertise and unrivaled contacts in the intellectual property departments of Asian corporations. Our team members are fluent in English, Japanese, and Chinese.

Our clients include many of the world’s largest high-tech, materials science, and pharmaceuticals companies. They operate in complex technology and intellectual property environments. We help them achieve their business goals by buying, selling, and licensing patents. We are proud that our clients return to us time and again for confidential, professional assistance in patent transactions.

Patent Purchases

Patent Purchases

For participants in the high-tech industry, buying patents is an essential part of intellectual property strategy.

Technologies change; market opportunities emerge. Conducting research and development across all relevant technologies is impossible. This leads to gaps in patent coverage, which companies fill by buying patents.

Buying patents takes expertise, tenacity, deep technological knowledge, and a wide range of industry contacts. Our firm can help you:

  • We have developed proprietary methodologies for finding patents to meet specific needs.
  • Our relationships with large patent portfolio owners enable us to persuade them to sell key patents.
  • We keep your company’s name and patent buying requirements strictly confidential.
  • We work on a success-fee basis. We only receive payment after a transaction has successfully concluded.

If you need to purchase patents to strengthen your portfolio, please contact us in confidence.

Patent Sales

Patent Sales

Many companies want to sell patents that are superfluous to their business needs. In fact, the world is awash with patents for sale. Most of those patents will not find a buyer.

P.J. Parker & Co. works hard to make your patents stand out from the crowd and command high prices. We interview the original inventors to gain insight into commercial use. We engage subject matter experts to prepare evidence of use claim charts, which we rigorously check for quality. We prepare sophisticated reports explaining the technical and commercial importance of the patents, enabling patent buying professionals to assess your patents’ true value.

Since we are constantly in contact with the largest patent buyers in the world, we know their patent buying needs. Matching buyer needs with sellers’ patent portfolios enables us to conclude successful, high-value transactions.

We work on a success fee basis. We only receive payment after a transaction has successfully concluded.

If you would like to sell patents from your portfolio, please contact us for a confidential discussion.

Patent Licensing

Patent Licensing

We help companies and individuals license patent-protected inventions. Our licensing deals may involve a transfer of technical expertise in addition to a patent license. We are especially active in licensing pharmaceutical patents.

We only engage in win-win licensing, commonly called “carrot licensing”; we do not engage in adversarial licensing or patent assertion.

Most of our licensing projects leverage our business experience and contacts in Asia and our technological and scientific expertise. In general, we work on a success fee basis.

If you would like to discuss licensing your patent-protected invention, please contact us.

Meet Our Team

Philip Parker

Philip Parker

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Takashi Tazaki