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We welcome inquiries from prospective clients.

Before contacting us about selling or licensing out patents, please check that your patent portfolio meets the following requirements:

  • There are some patents that are granted in the US, Europe, or China. Portfolios consisting only of provisional patents or pending patent applications or consisting only of patents from other than the US, Europe, or China generally do not have market value.
  • For patents in the semiconductors, electronics, IT, and telecommunications industries, there are at least three US or European patents. For other industries, there is no minimum portfolio size.
  • It consists of invention patents. We do not sell or license US Design Patents, European Registered Community Designs (RCDs), or equivalent intellectual property rights from other countries.

Telephone Inquiries

Philip Parker:

+81 90 9676 7481

Takashi Tazaki:

+81 90 9011 0119

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    We specialize in high-tech industries - semiconductors, electronics, IT, optics, fixed and wireless communications, and in the medical device industry. We focus on larger portfolios of 10 to 200 patent families.

    We offer a highly customized service to meet each client's needs. Patent infringement analysis, marketing materials, and the counterparties we approach are all customized to fit the project. Some other brokers just list patents on a web site in the hope that someone sees them or do spam-like mail blasts to hundreds of companies: those activities just reduce the perceived value of the patents. By contrast, we contact each counterparty individually and engage them in a confidential business discussion about the value of the transaction to them.

    P. J. Parker & Co. is a specialist patent broker: we help our clients sell, buy, and license patents.

    P. J. Parker & Co. has been brokering patents since 2006 and has sold and licensed more than 3000 patents.

    P. J. Parker & Co. works globally. We work in English, Japanese, and Chinese, allowing us to do business with leading technology companies throughout the world.

    We only charge a success-based commission. After we succeed in selling or licensing patents, the patent seller or licensor pays us a share of the revenue obtained. Until that time, we do not charge anything. And we do not charge clients for our expenses. We pay for all our own expenses.

    There is no up-front or retainer fee. We only charge a success-based commission: after the patent owner receives payment for a patent sale or license, we receive a share of revenue.

    Our company is a specialist patent broker. We help clients buy, sell, and license patents. To apply for and obtain patents for your invention, please contact a patent attorney or patent agent.

    As part of our brokering service, we can prepare patent valuations to support price negotiations. But we do not prepare valuations as a stand-alone service.

    The best way to get started is to send us your patent numbers. We will then evaluate the patents. If the patents have sale or licensing value, we will schedule a call with you to discuss the portfolio. This service is free and without obligation. Then you can decide how you would like to proceed.