Northeast Asia – Center Of Innovation And Patenting

In recent years, the rise of innovation in China has complemented existing innovation in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

Northeast Asia is now the world’s most active region for inventions and patenting, accounting for the largest share of patent applications, and a rising share of patent transactions.

Structuring Patent Deals

We specialize in helping large corporations buy, sell, and license patent portfolios.

We understand their complex intellectual property and business environments, with overlapping competitors, suppliers, customers, and patent owners. We help them structure deals to generate high revenues from patents while preserving and strengthening their business relationships.

Patent Value: What Patents Can Be Sold or Licensed?

Not all patents can be sold or licensed. Being able to sell or license patents is a function of existing and projected commercial use of the patents, patent portfolio size, patent quality, countries in which the patents are granted, and existing licenses.