Selling Patents for the Highest Price

Patent sellers wish to obtain the best price for their patents, often with certain restrictions on the buyer company or type of buyer.

We excel in obtaining the best price for portfolios through our superior analysis of patent portfolios, a detailed understanding of potential buyers’ business and patent environments, marketing customized to each potential buyer, and transaction structures crafted to create value for both buyer and seller.

Buying Patents

Many clients seek to augment their patent portfolios through purchases. They may buy patents to cross-license, litigate, gain freedom to operate, or exclude competitors.

Through extensive searching, confidential contact with patent owners, and careful negotiations, we help our clients buy the best patents worldwide to meet their needs.


Licensing Patents

In the medical device, chemicals, and materials science industries, we help our clients license out patents. We seek licensees both inside and outside the client’s own industry. These are long-term projects during which we facilitate cooperation between licensor and licensee to prove the value of the patent-protected inventions.